Off My Rocker

This was a restoration project on a very worn glider rocker.  It was given to me free and I always wanted to understand how a glider rocker worked, so I got busy restoring it.

It didn’t take much to take it all apart because there were very few joints that still had any glue holding together.  Right away I found out that all the bearings were bad.  So the first job was to find the right size bearings.

They sell bearing assemblies for glider rockers, but they are pricey to say the least.  So I did a lot of searching and researching until I found out that the bearings I needed were the same as used on skate board wheels.  And they can be bought in sets for a very reasonable amount.  That allowed me to move forward with this project.

I had to make some parts to replace the split and broken arms.  Some of the hardware to attach these was usable, some had to be improvised.

The side panels were added to the arm assemblies so I wouldn’t need side cushions.  I think I’m better working with wood than foam and fabric.

The springs under the seat were usable but I added some small nylon rope, criss crossed and tied together to give it some extra support.

After taking the back apart and re-gluing all the joints I sanded and painted all the individual parts before reassembling it with the new bearings.  I used all new bolts and lock nuts with flat washers to make sure it didn’t come apart with use.

I was able to use the same fabric over the springs and then made a new cushion with all new foam, batting, and fabric.  A challenge to get it all sewed together but it came out quite nice.

The back cushion was much easier and finished the job.  It was really quite comfortable.  My wife said it didn’t fit in our living room so I advertised it on Craig’s List and sold it.  I almost got out of it what it cost me to refurbish it.  Not counting labor.  Some projects you do just for the fun of it.



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